Stylish furniture from Rick Owens

Rick Owens is an American designer, who specializes in designing furniture, mostly inspired by the loft style. Even though Owens was born in USA, he currently lives in France (Paris, to be exact) and that’s where he is designing. Rick Owens furniture can be seen in houses since 2005. Why do we value it so much?

Great design

One of the biggest advantages of Rick Owens tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture is the style it offers. Designs of Rick Owens are well known around the world and highly valued. What is more, the furniture will fit into different styles: just make sure to match them with the colors of the rest of the decor and enjoy Rick Owens furniture in your house.

High quality

The designer values quality just as much as the look of his creations. That’s why Rick Owens chairs can be seated by people of different stature and Rick Owens tables can withstand even a heavy load (so you can feast in peace with your loved ones).

All of that makes the Rick Owens chairs, tablet and other furniture parts a really good choice for both private and piblic areas. The only thing that should matter is choosing the right look of the furniture, matching the rest. Which, honestly, isn’t that hard, as all of the Owen’s furniture are made in modern style.

Also, Rick Owens is still designing, so even if you own any of Rick Owens furniture, you should check his current offers from time to time. Maybe you will find some new piece of furniture, that will match your taste and interiors at the same time?