Popular luxury home design

The living room is the most important room in the house. It is here that we spend the most time, rest and welcome guests. Unfortunately, arranging a living room, you can commit a whole lot of mistakes. So what to look for when deciding on interior design? What is interior design really?

Luxury home design is a comfortable sofa, a spacious armchair, four chairs, a large table and a small coffee table. Is there a place for guests in this interior yet? Only the owners of large salons can afford such a number of furniture. Do you have a small apartment? Furniture tightly placed next to each other will further reduce the small area.

luxury home design

It is true that large sofas are comfortable, and shelves filled with books suggest that an intellectual lives here. However, keep the proportions. One piece of luxury home furniture can not dominate the interior. Not only that this piece of luxury home design furniture will make communication difficult, it will make the small interior even smaller.

Proper lighting can work wonders. Skilfully placed light spots, as well as the color of light and its intensity, will change every room and make it easier to function. Most often in the living room we have one ceiling lamp and possibly one side lamp. It is worth thinking about additional light sources.

It is also worth being consistent. Do you decorate a flat in a minimalist style? Do not be tempted by a leopard pattern pillow. Floors in a Scandinavian room do not cover with a Turkish rug, and modern kitchens do not hang wreaths of onions and garlic. Too many colors and textures in one interior brings chaos. Eclecticism is a style, but very difficult.